Telco Billing, Switching and Accounting solutions

Complete Network Solutions provides many turn-key solutions for telecom related services

CNS provides an unique solution to the telecom service providers to carry-out international wholesale voice business globally and very successfully. The VoIP Enhanced Reporting and Accounting solution, VERA, gives you the comfort of monitoring and managing your business remotely from a single web login, it generates very accurately the invoices for multiple destinations with granular code details and sends automatically to your customers, it keeps accurate accounting for each customer and sends Statement of Accounts(SOA) along with the invoices, provides rate notification to your customers and finally it gives you a clear picture of your business balance sheet.

VERA is the right solution for accurate and hassle free invoicing for your customers for multiple destinations with different rates for different dial codes. Accurate accounting is the key of success for any business, for which you can fully depend on VERA. It tracks all the payments of your customers, creates Statement of Accounts (SOA) and sends them along with the invoices automatically to your customers at any preset time of a day or week.